image fabialamode

Fabiola Moreno



Los Angeles, CA

The contact trading is so effective! Before I used The Plug, I had always wanted to work with Mr Holmes Bakery, but when I DM’d them, I never received a response. When I first started using The Plug, Mr. Holmes was one of the first to pop up on my recommended brand list! I saw there was a contact available so I traded in one of my brand contacts and I got a direct email to the Mr Holmes Bakehouse social rep! I received a response within a couple hours and set up a collab pitch. It was so easy and I'm so excited to see this feature grow!

image iamlindaelaine

Linda Forrester



Los Angeles, CA

The plug has seriously become one of my favorite ways to stay organized with all of my collaborations! I don’t know about you but I’m a visual person and it feels good to be able to see what active collaborations I have open and which are completed. I also really love the fact that the plug gives great templates on how to outreach to brands. It helps to take the awkwardness out of it for sure!

image darrenwearsitwell

Darren Moulden



Los Angeles, CA

The Plug has been such a vital tool in conducting business as an influencer. It has facilitated a new level of organization in my business that has allowed me to take things to the next level. I feel more empowered than I ever have before as an influencer.

image bohemianbythebay

Lauren Dailey



Los Angeles, CA

The Plug makes it super easy to store all my collaborations in one place. What was once a messy Google Doc is now an organized place that houses all my collaborations! I can even reach out to recommended brands on The Plug, which makes outreach that much easier. It's really a godsend.

image thedapperjuan

Juan de la rosa



Los Angeles, CA

Using The Plug has definitely helped me gain a lot more confidence when reaching out to brands for collabs. Presenting my collaboration ideas has never been easier. It really is a great tool that I will continue to use and recommend to other influencers and content creators.

image cammermaid

Camille de Rosario



Los Angeles, CA

I absolutely love the Plug. It’s been an excellent tool for me [as an influencer] as far as keeping track of my current collabs and staying organized. I also love how it gives me a personalized recommended brands list so that I can create more collaborations. I definitely recommend the plug to other influencers!

image BtxAW_mnEeV

Avi Soor



Los Angeles, CA

Creating community and leveraging shared resources is definitely an authentic way to grow. Utilizing communal contacts helped me develop relationships with brands that fit my style and aesthetic, ultimately landing a fun collaboration with the beloved brand Everlane.

image london_ellis

Gabriella Ellis



Los Angeles, CA

The plug has helped me hone in on ideas of new brands to work with and given me the ease to reach out with all my ducks in a row.

image auralune

Sheila Juan



Los Angeles, CA

The Plug has been such a game changer! No more rummaging through my emails frantically trying to remember if I nailed all the parts of a collaboration, or trying to find a due date that I was almost 108% positive had passed already. Through the Plug, I was able to stay much more organized, and present a very put-together influencer to brands that I wanted to work with. The contact trade feature has also introduced some brands that I would love to work with, but hadn't come across on my own during my IG surfing sessions. It's been so awesome being able to take more control over my own brand and content, and this is a tool I definitely plan to keep using.

image tiffanie.marie

Tiffanie chow



Los Angeles, CA

The plug has given me a tool with which to keep my collaborations organized and to make sure that I, my collaborators, and the companies I am working with all are on the same page. [The Plug] gives me an edge in professionalism, shows of my strong points in my statistics, and helps me remember the details for the different collaborations I’m working on.

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