The Creative Closeup: Camille

It’s back to school season and this week’s The Creative Closeup is here to help you dress to impress for your first week back! Meet the chicest college girl in LA, Camille, aka @cammermaid!

Camille sat down with us to grab a coffee and talk about her style, aesthetic, how she started blogging in high school, and the reason behind her adorable tattoo! Besides being the best dressed gal in school, she’s also a brilliant, dedicated accounting student. Read on to hear more from the girl who’s just too cool (but still stays in school!)

Camille / @cammermaid / Aug 17 2018

About Camille

  1. Age: 23
  2. Occupation: Right now I am just working with Xomad and working on my blog, but I am hoping to get a Wells Fargo job soon.
  3. Ethnic background: I am 100% filipino.

Creative Work

  1. How did you come up with your name @cammermaid?
    • Well, once upon a time I had really long, bright red hair…like Ariel hair. Well, this was actually my second Instagram because my first one got deleted and that one was @camilove…you know something really basic. And then my second one that I restarted, I was like ok well I’ve been having red hair and I got a lot of comments for it so I just decided to go with it…so @cammermaid.
  2. What type of style do you influence?
    • I feel like I don’t have a specific style of fashion, because sometimes I’ll want to dress more girly and other times I want to dress more casual sporty. But for the most part I’d want to say it’s more casual girly chill basic. Nothing too edgy. I try to diverge out of that once in a while.
  3. How did you start? What made you start?
    • I started because in high school, I wanted to get best dressed so I would dress up to school everyday, wear heels everyday. And Instagram started and I just wanted to take outfit pictures. I was I believe a sophomore in high school…so 2011.
  4. How would you describe your aesthetic?
    • My aesthetic I feel like…I try to stay within the neutrals, the blushes and nudes and denim and white. That’s kind of like my vibe.

Social Media Presence

  1. How long did it take you to reach 10K? How long ago was this? How many followers do you have now?
    • When I got back on this current instagram it was 2013 and I had already had 5,000 from my previous instagram. So I kinda just told my fellow blogger friends “Oh my God my Instagram got hacked! Can you help me?” So I kind of reached 3-4,000 fast from that help. And then I just started hashtagging, I know that a lot of the bigger bloggers like @ninze and @livelovefashion, those kinds of fashion accounts, would have a bigger following and they’d say “ use this to get features” and I would get featured a lot. And back in the day, there was such thing as the popular page so it helped me grow faster. So it took my maybe a year and a half or so.
  2. What do you think your followers like most about you?
    • I think they like my hair pictures and I don’t know why but when I post pictures with Samson, my boyfriend, it gets so much engagement. I think its when its more personal they like it more.

Creative Process

  1. Describe your workflow process.
    • Um, when I go on trips I like to take as many pictures as I can. And I’ll stock up so on days when I’m at home not doing anything, I’ll have content to post. And I use this app called Preview, and I kind of pre-plan my days.
  2. What tools do you use to make your life easier?
    • I use Preview to plan my feed and i found this app called Colortone and it has these filters I like and I just reset it to a little of my taste. And I have a preset type thing…that way most of my pictures have that same aesthetic filter.
  3. How has the Plug helped you in your daily process?
    • I actually like how the recommended brands list is right now. I feel like with the contact trade available it helps me reach out to brands easier as opposed to going on their Instagram and emailing them there where it might not even get to their PR team. The Plug helps me get directly to them so i like that.


  1. What is your mission statement?
    • I guess in life I would have to say no flowers without rain type of thing. So like in life in order for you to grow, you need both sunshine and rain. So like there’s good times and bad. That’s why I have this tattoo that says flower.
  2. What drives you?
    • I’m constantly inspired so even when i’m not posting on Instagram, i’m always stalking people’s amazing work and it inspires me. So it pushes me like “oh i want to be that cool” and then i’ll think of an outfit. So, it pushes me to make more content.
  3. What has been your biggest challenge?
    • My biggest challenge would definitely have to be the new algorithm and not to let numbers get me down because I feel like i’ve been a little bit stagnant. But I still like to create content, I like making outfits, I like putting together cute little flat lays, so I guess at the end of the day you have to focus on your creativity and your art and not the numbers.


  1. Do you have a random talent? If so, what is it?
    • Sometimes when i’m hungry, I make food and I wing it and it comes out good. You just never know.
  2. Tell us an interesting fact about you that most people don’t know.
    • I am an accounting major, and outside of fashion and makeup and all the lifestyle posts I do, I am in school for accounting. So one day I hope to be a boss in the CPA field.


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