Supporting Black-Owned Businesses + Nonprofits

To help support economic growth and equity for Black America, The Plug team curated a short list of Black-owned brands, as well as relevant nonprofits to support or contribute to.

This is just a sample of businesses that can be supported. There are thousands of additional opportunities to explore across America. Supporting businesses and nonprofits that support the Black community can have a positive impact on the ongoing economic development of Blacks in America, a historically underserved population.


Black-owned Brands

  1. Mented Cosmetics
  2. Base Butter
  3. Black Opal
  4. Love and Snow Hair Serum
  5. MyBrownBox Community
  6. Salt and Sunscreen
  8. The Girl Cave LA Beauty Supply
  10. Lit For The Culture
  11. SaTrell
  12. Riot Room
  13. Mary Louise Cosmetics
  14. Fenoel
  15. She The Collection
  16. King Ari Co. Organic Skincare
  17. Klur
  18. Undefined Beauty
  19. Demosea Botanicals


Groups & Nonprofits That Support Blacks

  1. National Bailout
  2. Liberty Fund NYC
  3. Black Visions
  4. Black Aids
  5. Campaign Zero
  6. Reclaim The Block
  7. Fair Fight

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