Listening to Black Content Creators

To continue our learnings about racism and Black narratives in America, The Plug team curated a short list of Black content creators, activists, writers, and more to follow on social media and up your knowledge intake on this important issue.

The Black narrative and our search for understanding and insight is unending, but we hope this list provides a place for us all to start exploring conversations on race.

Influential Black Social Media Creators

  1. Alishia McCullough, Activist/co-creator of #amplifymelanatedvoices
  2. Jessica Wilson, Activist/co-creator of #amplifymelanatedvoices
  3. Monique MeltonBlack activist
  4. J’osephLGBT/ Black activist
  5. Kenidra Woods, Black/youth mental health activist
  6. Munroe Bergdorf, Black/model/trans activist
  7. Amanda Seales, Black activist
  8. Ibram X. Kendi, author/anti-racist activist
  9. Rachel Cargle, Author/speaker
  10. Sonya Renee TaylorAuthor/activist
  11. Zerlina Maxwell, Commentator/speaker/writer
  12. Yassmin Abdel-MagiedPresenter/writer


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