The Creative Closeup: London

Red alert! This week’s The Creative Closeup features the one and only London, aka @london_ellis, and now we have one more thing to thank the UK for!


London shared with us her unique experience as a content creator, her constant work ethic, and what her mission statement would be (hint: it’s amazing). She sings, she has incredible fashion sense, she eats the yummiest food, and boy are we glad she likes sharing it with us on the gram! She also maaaaaay have let the name of the TV show she was on in the UK slip. Read on to learn this and more about the extremely talented British beauty.

London/ @london_ellis/ July 20

About London

  1. Age: 31
  2. Occupation: Singer/Songwriter and Blogger Influencer in Los Angeles
  3. Ethnic Background: I am originally from London, and I’m half Greek and half English. My mum is Greek and my dad is English. I lived in England for most of my life and in Greece for like seven years. Then I was like peace out, I’m going to America! Bye!

Creative Work

  1. How would you describe your scope of influence?
    • Um, I would probably say my scope of influence is very fashionista foodie. I also have to be the most extra in the land. So, my main thing is I want to show people stuff that is like really over the top extravagant that you know it’s fake, but you want it to be real.
  2. How did you start?
    • I started, really, when I was on a TV show in England. From there I kinda just really enjoyed showing people my life, and people being involved in what I did. And then I was like I really like wearing crazy stupid clothes, and then I was like I really like getting on tables in restaurants and making everybody feel uncomfortable. Basically, I’d probably say I started blogging about a year ago.
  3. How would you describe your aesthetic?
    • I mean my aesthetic is red. My aesthetic is very high contrast color popping, extra. It’s red with extra…that’s it.

Social Media Presence

  1. How long did it take you to reach 10K?
    • It was really fast…I was on a TV show. That was in 2010…I can’t do math, so I don’t know how old I was.
  2. How many followers do you have now?
    • I have 45,000… it’s good fun.
  3. What do you think your followers like most about you?
    • I think they like that I’m just me. I think mainly, more than anything else, they like that I don’t give a crap about most things. And that I will do anything whenever…wherever…no shame.


  1. Do you have a workflow process with blogging?
    • Not really…I mean I just do what feels right. For me, my brain is constantly on. I’m never, ever not thinking about it. So everytime I’m driving in the car, everytime I’m with friends and we’re just eating I’m like, “Photo! Photo!”.  It’s like that…it’s always a constant this is what I do here at this time. So, I don’t really have a flow. It just…when it happens it happens. I am the woman of winging it.
  2. Do you have any tools that you use to make your life easier?
    • Uhhh…tools. I mean I use Preview. Preview is the best thing. I always pre-shoot content, so I always have like a month of content to go, and then I add in stuff as I go. So, I use preview for that a lot.
  3. Do you post every day?
    • Yes, I post on the daily. I haven’t missed a day in…I don’t know how long.
  4. Do you have a good time that you post?
    • Well, it depends. Most of the time 9. I like 9 in the morning. I’ve got stuff to do, I don’t have time to be worrying about that later on.
  5. How has the plug helped you in your daily process?
    • Well, as you know, I am terrible at organization. Organization for me is useless. And The Plug has basically made me organized. More than anything else it’s made me put like everything in line, so I can actually see it instead of me being like I don’t really know what I’m doing. And then secondly, it’s given me amazing brand recommendations that I can work with now that I wouldn’t have thought of maybe on my own. And also its like easier not to use my brain and go. You just click and boom you’re done.


  1. Do you have a mission statement?
    • I don’t. No, I’m probably one of the only people that doesn’t. Mine, if it was going to be a mission statement, it’s quite literally: fashionable whilst eating.
  2. What drives you to take the next step?
    • Being creative. Literally what drives me is being able to be creative on a daily basis…that’s it. I just love being creative. I love making new things. I love like starting trends. And just being myself, and people wanting to be a part of it.
  3. What has been your biggest challenge?
    • Made in Chelsea…hah! Told you the  name of the show. Made in Chelsea, the show I was on, was a challenge because that to me was crazy. Because we were told one thing that the show was going to be prior, and then when it actually came out it was very different. And being made to look something you are not is very difficult. Which is also another reason why I love my Instagram and my life now is because I can really show who I really am. So, it gives me like that access to it. So, that was a big challenge, basically having to deal with other people’s opinions of the person they think you are. So, that was my biggest challenge. It makes such a big difference to be me.


  1. Do you have a random talent? If so, what is it?
    • Do I have a random talent? Well, my talent is singing. But a random one…like a party trick? I have one party trick…I can poke my thumb all the way around like this. *Tiff screams*
  2. Do you have an interesting fact about you that people don’t know?
    • I mean pretty much that I was on TV show for a long time…Five years. It’s still on. When I left, I moved here. That was my thing. I was like Bye! Peace! Bye! Deuces!

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