The Plug Spotlight: Michelle Balingit

The Beatles sang about getting through life with a little help from your friends. One of the best things about the internet is the online community you have the opportunity to become a part of. The influencer community especially has become a safe haven for creatives to support each others’ art and inspire one another. From The Plug, this week’s Spotlight, Michelle Balingit (@seymichelle) dedicates her content to giving helpful tips about how to succeed in social media! “My goal is to hopefully just get people reading [my blog], and see if any of them help and then hopefully they comment on itso I know are these things working? Does it help? Every other Tuesday I do a #seymichelle to give social media tips…And I always tell them my DM is open if you have any social media questions!” Say hello to your friendly new social media consultant! We’ll be sharing a few of the super helpful tips that Michelle gave us, so get your pens and paper out…class is in session.

Collaboration with creatives supporting other creatives is one of the key concepts The Plug is built on, because we understand that no one could ever understand your struggle or your hustle quite like other creatives can. (I mean have you seen how poppin’ The Plug community message board is?). Michelle gave us the scoop into  the online communities she’s found and become a part of. “I’m part of a social media community on Facebook and there’s always someone mentoring someone there. That’s what’s really helpful because I may know something that another person may not know and they may know another thing, so we can help each other.”

Tip #1: Get out there and find a community that fits your goals and needs! The internet is full of beautiful people, like Michelle, who would be more than happy to help you get where YOU want to be.

If you’re just starting out in the world of social media influencers, it can be really frustrating at first. Michelle knows the feeling, as she’s just begun her her journey as an influencer too! “Transitioning from being just a photographer to an influencer, I made my change very subtle.I’m just starting out with the blogging and I’m still learning how to share and when to post, and on which platforms.” The important thing to remember is that you are not alone! Everyone is just figuring it out same as you and, as we’ve said before, it takes time.

Tip #2 coming in hot: Gotta work hard to play hard!

Michelle has been using her come up as an influencer to experiment in the art of engagement (and yes, it is an art!) and posting so that she can share what worked and what didn’t with her followers!  In the future, she wants to be able to create an entire class dedicated to helping people strengthen their social media skills and reaching their goals faster and more efficiently. “Later on, what I hope to do is create an Instagram course and give my followers different tips on how to build their following. I plan to experiment here and there. I’m currently experimenting with new engagement forms, and if that works I will make a course of that so people can have access to it and they can grow their following as well.”  

Tip #3: Learn from those who have gone through these experiences before you. It’s like asking someone for help who has already passed the class you’re currently in!

So you may be wondering, why does Michelle do all of this for us? She dedicates a ton of her time for the benefit of others? What in tarnation is that? There’s got to be a catch, right? Nope! Not this time! “What made me want to help other people on social media was what I noticed while transitioning from being a photographer to an influencer, I saw that almost all influencers have something to inform you…they always have something to give to people. So, I wanted to do something where people could access [all of that information] and they’ll know ‘oh Tuesday’s when she gives tips. I can’t wait for next tuesday’ I wanted to give them something to look forward to from me.” Ya’ll,she’s just that sweet. If everyone on the internet acted with the same motivation and positive mindset as Michelle, Disneyland would have a run for its money on the “Happiest Place in the World” thing.

Tip #4: Kindness goes a looooooooooong way in the social media world.

One of the most important reasons why you should go check out Michelle’s blog is that she is starting out. It’s no secret that a lot about Instagram has changed in the past few years, as well as the fact that there are tons of people on the internet looking to be seen too. The experimenting she’s doing is what actually will work RIGHT NOW on social media. All of the established influencers you see have been on their own journeys to get where they are today, but that doesn’t mean you can’t catch up!

Tip #5 *the most important one*: “One of my main tips for when you’re just starting out is don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 30. Comparing will only hurt you, not help you. I believe everyone has their own unique voice and if there’s someone interested in following you for that, then that’s enough. I’m more community over competition.”

So what have we learned today from Michelle? Get out there and be the most awesome, friendly, kind, and creative version of yourself  in life and on social media! We’ll wrap this up with some #seymichelletrivia: What’s with the Sey in front of Michelle in her username? “ Sey is my Phillipino name and Michelle is my American name so when I put them together I was like oh it flows and I like it! That’s been one of the highlights [of being an influencer ] for me….being able to find my brand and find my voice.”

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