Where to Draw the Line: Private Life vs Public Life

Making your private life public is always a difficult decision, especially when it comes to posting about your close relationships. Learn how to navigate these waters in this week’s Tip Jar post. Brittany Lyons talks about her experience sharing her private life online, how she grew her social media following, how she scored her biggest brand deal, and more!

Q: What steps would you suggest people looking to grow their social media following should take?

I highly recommend going into it with an open mindset. You never know where social media will take you. Also, to make sure you’re meeting your audience at the same energy level as they give you. You can’t expect to grow without giving back!

Q: Why did you decide to become so open and share your life with the public? 

I noticed a TON of negativity on Social Media and I felt that there needed to be more positivity, so I took it upon myself to bring out my creative side publicly as well as encourage kindness and optimism from my platform!

Q: Has posting on social media about your relationship impacted you?

I feel that I’ve been able to encourage love from my audience and it has also helped me to be more appreciative of my own relationship!

Q: What’s the biggest opportunity you’ve received since becoming an influencer, and how did you get it? 

Working with Aveeno US! They reached out to my business email!

Q: How has your life changed since becoming an influencer?

I’ve become a happier and more positive person, I’ve made so many new friends and have done things outside of my comfort zone. Second only to marrying my husband, it’s the best choice I ever made!

Q: Where do you see your career in 5 years?

I would really love to be making a steady, solid income from social media. Nothing crazy but I’d love my little community to grow enough just to be able to support my family + see the world!

Q: Anything else you would like to add?

Creating in any industry is tough. It’s A LOT of blood, sweat and tears but it is SO worth it and nothing has ever made me feel so fulfilled.


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