How To Keep Your Content Fresh

In this week’s Tip Tip Jar post, Tiffany Gonzalez discusses her roots and where she learned to become so skilled in make-up. She also discusses how she secures brand collabs and dishes her tips on how to grow your online business! 

Q: How do you land brand collabs?

Post great content! Posting great content is what brands want to see, fun, and engaging content will show brands that your audience values what you do and will open doors to working with them. 

Q: How did you learn how to apply makeup so well?

By trial and error. I’ve always loved makeup and skincare, I find it so fun to create new looks. I began by watching lots of tutorials and constantly practicing. I’d practice new looks when I have free time, new techniques when they pop up, the best way to learn, is to do. 

Q: What tips do you have for influencers trying to grow their business?

BE YOU! Be you and be authentic in what you do and your business will flourish. Don’t post what you think people want to see & take brand deals you don’t truly believe in, your audience can see through the inauthenticity and it won’t help your business grow. Always be authentic. Also, write down your goals. Writing your goals helps you create a real plan to reach them. 

Q: How do you regularly post fresh content?

Every month I write up a content calendar with important dates, holidays. Etc; and I use that to plan out my content. I do research to see what has been performing well and how I can utilize that to make new content my audience wants to see. Then I’ll set up 1x a week content shooting days where I spend the day knocking out all the content for the upcoming week and edit it so it’s ready to go. Scheduling my content in advance helps keep me on track instead of just winging it.  

Q: What does a day in your life look like?

It always starts with coffee, lots of it! Ha. Then I review my to-do list for the day, see any upcoming brand deadlines I have, and what content needs to get edited and done. Then I catch up on emails and send out any pending invoices. I’ll work on any product testing I have to get done and then research any new trends that I should be learning and utilizing. I squeeze in a workout in the early evening and then spend my evening relaxing with my pup and family. 

Q: Anything else you would like to add?

HAVE FUN! Social media isn’t supposed to be so serious, enjoy the ride. The moment creating content and engaging with your audience isn’t fun anymore, it’s time to step back and re-evaluate. 

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