The Plug Spotlight: CJ Johnson

CJ / @cjjohnsonjr

Creative Work

How would you describe your scope of influence? My goal as an Influencer is to lead by example and show people that they can live their life on their own terms and empower themselves. I typically deal with industries like technology, entrepreneurship, fashion, travel, and social issues. But today, I feel like so much ties into each other so it’s more so showcasing my lifestyle and providing ways that you can achieve your dreams.

You seem to be a pretty inspirational guy, not only with your own influence, but evoking and encouraging in others. How do you engage in this practice off of your platform? I check in a lot with my family and friends. Lending an ear if they need one, support if they need that too. I send positive affirmations in the mornings to my tribe as well. My primary goal is to contribute to society.

Tell us about Ignite! This looks like it has the potential to be a wildly powerful movement.

  • What inspired you to begin? I’ve been wanting to do a project like this for a very long time. With every creative or advertising project one of the main objectives I fight for is diversity. With Project: Ignite I wanted to highlight the fact there are POC that are making a difference that don’t get a chance to be recognized or they do and don’t get as much public attention as they deserve.
  • How has each state gotten involved so far? We have been to four states so far.

Did you decide to become an influencer? What was the motivation or transition? I didn’t decide to be an Influencer. I actually created a following because of my creative works over the years. Me transitioning into an “Influencer” was actually just me trying to figure out life hacks. I put together campaigns over the years for Influencers/Brands. So, I knew how it all works and one day I was like… yeah, I’d like to not pay for a single thing ever again if I can help it. But, the true value came when I was helping and inspiring people. That became my main focus.

Was there someone who inspired you to start? No, actually I was very resistant to being labeled as an “Influencer”. The more I put myself out there though that became a part of my “brand”. My Influencer friends were more interested in how we could collaborate more. Everyone outside of that scope was just interested in how being an Influencer works.

Did you have a goal in mind for your platform when you started? My goal was to really kick ass with life hacks and inspire as many people as I could. Even if it was just one person it was worth it for me.

How has that goal changed since then? It’s evolved quite a bit. Especially with social media fatigue, I’m much more conscious about the content I put out there. I’m also more interested in showcasing more of the behind the scenes of what I do and how this all works.

How would you describe your aesthetic? I’m inspired by retro imagery and I’m an art kid at the end of the day so when I was at school one of my professors said I had a very “David Fincher” style. Now it’s a bit more of what’s considered street style.

What inspires you creatively? Photography. Especially old photos that capture what the period was like at the time. Also, art inspires me creatively so I routinely visit art galleries in the middle of days I have to myself. Then there’s music. If I’m bumping something I can easily slip into a nice groove of creativity.


Social Media Presence

How long did it take you to reach 10K? How long ago was this? It was a few years ago. It took about a year I believe.

How many followers do you have now? Around 40,000 on Instagram. 130,000 followers on Twitter.

What do you think your followers like most about you? Oh damn. I’m not sure. From the typical feedback I get it’s usually from the positive/inspirational messaging I put out there.



Describe your workflow process. Wow. It’s very diverse and always evolving but I do use the chunking method which means I allocate a certain time frame for a specific task. I’m usually more creative on Wednesdays and Fridays so I try to let those days be for research and creativity.

What tools do you use to make your life easier? Social Media, Books, Apps that can help me automate systems and save time.

How has the plug helped you in your daily process? It’s made connecting with brands much faster and easier for me.



What is your mission statement? My purpose is to serve a higher power and lead by example to show people that they can live their life on their own terms and empower themselves.

What drives you? The fear of not reaching my full potential and leaving a lasting legacy.

What has been your biggest challenge? Me, lol.

Behind the Curtain

Do you have any hidden talents? Yes. I can walk and chew gum at the same time.

What’s something people may not know about you just from following your account? What you don’t see is far more interesting than what you do and I’m not happy all of the time. Sometimes I can be a real moody little bitch. Working on that last bit.

Is there anything else about you that you feel the world should know? Yes, message me and say hi. I don’t bite.

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