The Plug Spotlight: Shereen Minza Mohammed

Sheena / @alwaysfashionablylatte

The Basics

Full Name: Shereen Minza Mohammed..but we can call her Sheena;)

Occupation: Full time graduate student working towards being a ER physician


Social Media Presence


How would you describe your scope of influence?

I want to show go-getter women that they don’t have to sacrifice one passion for another. If you love blogging or fashion or both, its possible to keep up with that hobby as well as working towards a career like medicine.

Did you decide to become an influencer? What was the motivation or transition? I decided to become an influencer to prove that I can be a graduate biomedical student and future medical student while keeping up with my love for fashion and blogging and so can other women with similar lifestyle as me.

When you first started, did you have a specific goal in mind for what you wanted to come out of having this platform? I just wanted to engage with other women in meaningful ways. I wanted to connect with my followers more than just “nice picture” type conversations through comments. I wanted my vulnerabilities to inspire others to be just as vocal, vulnerable, and true to themselves as I am while working towards big goals.

How has that goal changed since then?

It has changed to me being okay with posting whatever I desire and not getting a lot of engagement because I believe someone still reads my posts and digests those thoughts without engaging with me and thats is ok!


Creative Work


With all the content out there, how do you differentiate yourself?

I am a unique person and I differentiate myself by being authentic with my content 100%

Not only are you an influencer, but a model and a full time student! As a busy woman, how do you stay organized with your workload and postings?  

I am currently in a biomedical sciences graduate masters program…not quite med student yet! However, my coursework does include courses that medical students take so I am getting a taste of what that is like. I stay organized by making notes about what my captions will be for the week during the weekend and when I have photoshoots, I try to have multiple outfits so I can make a lot of content in a short amount of time. I also believe if you prioritize things correctly you can make time for everything you want to do in a day. I simply take it one day at a time and try to be consistent with the type of content I post.



Are there any tools/tricks you’d like to share?

Take it one day at a time! Don’t force posts…if its not authentic you wont appreciate it and neither will your followers. Its okay to take a break and refuel your inspiration whenever needed!

Speaking of tools, what’s your favorite feature of The Plug?

I love being able to connect with other influencers and brands in one platform!

Do you have any advice for future content creators like yourself?

If you feel the internal drive to do it, make the move! Don’t fret about not increasing a following when you start. If you love what you do and you enjoy putting out content, the world will also respond positively. Focus on your craft, vision, and message.

What has been your biggest challenge?

Supporting local photographers while also getting content that matches my vision.


Do you have a specific message you want your followers to get from following your platforms?

I want women with big dreams to know they can attain big dream while keeping up with all of their hobbies/other passions. We do not need to give up a passion/hobby to be successful in our careers. 

Behind the Curtain

What’s something people may not know about you from just following your account? I love cats, cooking, and tennis!

Im working on figuring out how to incorporate my love for food with my page.

Do you have any special hidden talents?

Many say that I am a good cook and I love to paint. Some of this art shows with my makeup but I love being abstract with acrylic paint.

Is there anything else you want to share with The Plug Community about your journey or your story as a creative?

Im so excited to see where this instagram influencer journey takes me and I am thankful to The Plug Community for helping me along the way! 









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