The Plug Spotlight: Justin Weber

Justin / @realjustinweber

The Basics


Full Name: Justin Weber

Occupation: My day job is working with all kinds people in finances. We do what’s called Financial Optimization. My other job is co-hosting a podcast called The Socially Awkward Podcast with my brother.

Social Media Presence


When you first started on social media, did you have a specific goal in mind for what you wanted to come out of having this platform? I just wanted to be able to share the parts of my life that most accurately tells my story, what I do day in and day out,  all the other trials of life, bad days, learning experiences and whatever else I think is cool. With what I do for work, it’s super important for me to be myself because that is what makes me stand out.

How has that goal changed since then? My goals haven’t changed at all, I have definitely changed my approach over the last couple of years though. I think trying to figuring out my lane made it hard until I made my own kind of lane that is just me not worrying about what I think I should be like on social media.

How did you start putting yourself out there on social media and building your brand? I played hockey all my life so originally I was just networking with other hockey players, fans, and teams then when I stopped playing hockey I was writing and doing work in finance and started getting a good following from the finance articles I was writing.

You have a very unique niche of financial influence, tell us what it’s like to be giving this sort of advice on such a social platform. It is kind of a crazy thing to go about but I really don’t give much advice per say on social media. If I post a professional looking picture, I just quote a line or two from one of my own articles. It’s more to just let people know that I’m in finance and that I am able to handle whatever someone has and is wanting to do but I don’t have an emphasis on finance because it’s such a personal matter and there are so many concepts that can get lost in translation.

In what ways do you think social media has helped your other business ventures? All of my business ventures start and rely on people being able to know who I am and why I am the way I am, so having ways to tell my story in ways that I can connect with people is really helpful.

Tell us about the Socially Awkward Podcast! How did this start? What has been the most exciting part? My brother and I are 18 months apart and we are best friends. We always hang out anyways and we are both not short of opinions, solutions, and other silly ideas so we just figured, why not make a whole thing out of it? The most exciting part is hearing when our show impacts people in a good way.



What does a typical “day in the life” look like for you? Typically, I wake up sometime between like 3:45 and 5:30 am for some reason, usually I can’t fall back asleep so I play the piano (in my headphones) until my dog is ready to walk, then I head to the office to meet with my team designing new client concepts or meet with clients. After that, either podcast prep, recording, or editing. Then my brother and I head to the gym or MMA around 6 pm then if we have to finish anything at the office or studio then we go back after the gym.

How do you manage to stay organized? Are there any tools/tricks you use? Honestly I have no idea, it seems like I’m not but somehow I keep it together. I write a lot of things down, there’s sticky notes and notepads everywhere.

Speaking of tools, what’s your favorite feature of The Plug? I think having the opportunity to be able to reach out to brands our self and connect gives us no excuse but to find success plus be able to interact with such cool people and companies.

Behind the Curtain


What’s something people may not know about you from just following your account/ Do you have a special talent? I can beatbox “Drop it Like it’s Hot”

If you could give one piece of financial advice to your fellow Pluggers, what would it be? Don’t ever let anyone tell you money can’t grow on trees. Also, understand that money is infinite.

*BONUS* Is there anything else you want to share with The Plug Community about your story as a creative? I just want to thank everyone that’s read up to this point and look forward to continuing to share my life with who ever will have me.

*EXTRA BONUS* Do you have any pearls of wisdom as to how to #bealion on the brink of a bear market? Being a Lion means that we aren’t concerned with bears or bulls because financial optimization is a strategy that cannot lose money based on market fluctuation, so no matter what the market looks like, we’re still the king of the jungle.

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