The Plug Spotlight: Jenna Leenknecht

Jenna Leenknecht / @jenna_megg

Beginnings and Basics 


This week’s spotlight Plugger has taken a profession we’re all familiar with and turned it into a lifestyle. Jenna Leenknecht is a makeup artist, model, and make up instructor. “I started out in modeling as a preteen and just fell so in love with the industry all together. As I grew older, my passion for makeup really started to take off and I realized that I had a really creative spark in me every time I was doing my makeup. I realized my face was my canvas. This was my version of art.” Although she’s as experienced as you can get, she didn’t know she wanted to make this her career until later in life. A childhood obsession quickly turned into a passion she believed in, enough to even make a career out of it. Today, she says, “I am currently in school for master esthetics. My 10 year goal would be to own my own practice where I do beauty & facial rejuvenation for clients. As well as modeling and social marketing with my life & beauty. I want to be known for my knowledge in the beauty industry and my skill set.” Her favorite place to purchase makeup products is either Sephora or Ulta, and a smaller store named Riley Rose where she loves their product collection. She likes that The Plug “gives everyone [an] opportunity to connect & collaborate! I love to connect with more people like me and also who inspire me!”




It wasn’t long before she added a category to her resume and began modeling. “Modeling as a young teen taught me a lot, and as I got older I feel like modeling really helped me become more confident as a person. Modeling has really helped with my career and confidence within my beauty career as well.” She’s taken her modeling to a new level as of late, and speaks about her largest career milestone. “I have recently accepted a position at an acting/modeling school for children. I help preteens & teenagers with their modeling skills, confidence boosting, and teach them how to apply makeup and take care of their skin while they are growing through the hard part of life we all call… PUBERTY.”




When asked what she’d say to someone starting out in the industry, she replied, “Practice. Practice. Practice. Makeup takes a lot of practice and patience. It doesn’t always just come with a snap of your fingers. You have to work hard to get where you want to be… I love my platform because it really showed me how many awesome people there are out there and I have made so many new friends through [content creation]!”  

You can keep up with Jenna at her Youtube and Instagram








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