The Plug Spotlight: Justine Lueder

Justine Lueder /@jumpyjustine

Beginnings and Basics 


This week’s Spotlight Plugger is Justine Lueder, a college senior at UNLV and a freelance model and influencer whose story started five years ago with nothing but an iPhone. “I started my journey 5 years ago posting iPhone quality photos of my outfits. What really made me start was other fashion bloggers and Instagrammers do the same. I looked up to them and hoped I could be a ig fashionista too. I tried to post once a day and I did for a good 2 years. I would walk to photoshoot areas with my iPhone tripod just to get a picture to post that day. Sometimes I would walk a couple miles in freezing cold weather because I didn’t want to disappoint my following. As I got bigger on Instagram I wanted to improve the quality of my photos. I decided to reach out to a few photographers on Facebook and that’s how I started in modeling. At first I would cringe when a photographer would call me a model because I didn’t see myself as one. I would always correct them and say I’m a “Instagram fashionista.” After many shoots with professional photographers I finally caved into the idea of being a model. Since then I’ve branded myself as a model and have actually been able to turn it into my career.” 


Modeling and Makeup


As with anything, we know pursuing dreams isn’t an easy feat. Justine spoke with us a little about the challenges she’s faced as an influencer in today’s rapidly changing social verse. “I think at first things were easier. I mean my first year I had gained 10k followers, something I could never imagine happening now a days. After that first year the Instagram algorithm changed and gaining an audience felt impossible. That of course didn’t stop me from working on my passion but that doesn’t mean the numbers didn’t affect me. I am constantly struggling with separating the amount of self confidence I have from my numbers on Instagram.” Justine has made it a goal to dedicate her Instagram to fashion and beauty, and says it’s been a passion since she was young. “Ever since I was young I’ve loved fashion. I would dress up every morning as if the school hallways were a runway. I even remember classmates encouraging me to start posting my #ootds on ig long before I started. As for beauty, that’s something new to me. My New Year’s resolution for 2019 was to improve my makeup skills. And my sweet boyfriend got me a makeup case filled with amazing make up for Christmas that really motivated me to start. Since I’ve started I haven’t been able to stop! As far as beauty, I definitely think my passion for beauty started this year and I’m so happy it did. I love my make up so much!” Naturally, we asked her what some of her favorite clothing and makeup products are. “Right now I’m a huge fan of Shein! They always have super trendy items at an affordable price. I just shopped their site this week! As for makeup, I love Ulta or Target. I mostly use drugstore makeup and both Ulta & Target have a great selection. And I love going to Ulta when I need something a little higher end.”

Justine has now been in the industry for quite a while, and we asked her to shed some light on how it has shaped her. “I think that my experience as a model has given strength in some aspects of my life but also weaknesses. I would say that my modeling has made me 100% confident in front of a camera. I’m never shy when a camera is around. When I’m dressed my best I feel my best, confident and happy. On the other hand my modeling has also brought me many insecurities. Sometimes wearing makeup and dressing nice for a photoshoot has me doubting my true self. I’m super insecure when I’m in my comfy clothes with no make up. I’ve gotten to a point where sometimes I hate doing photo shoots without my false lashes. It’s something that I want to work on but still be able to be the model I am.”


Accomplishments and Advice


As with any artist, Justine takes inspiration from everything around her. “That’s such a hard question for me to answer because I have so many! But one Instagram blogger that is a huge influencer on me is definitely @delaneychilds because she is so real and open with her followers. She never seems to care what anyone else thinks about her and just does what she loves. This is something that I strive to be like. Also her sense of fashion is amazing, every outfit she wears I need in my closet ASAP!” In 10 years she says, “I hope that I am working for a fashion brand as a creative director. I would love to be the main source of content for a big fashion brand. One of my favorite things to do is put together photo shoots and create content for companies!” Her proudest accomplishment is her modeling. “I think I’m most proud of modeling. I’m a petite model and for the longest time I never thought I would be able to model. I thought I was too short. But over the years I’ve worked with brands and photographers that have showed me my full potential. I’ve also improved my modeling skills a lot over the years. Not only am I more comfortable in front of the camera but I also have more poses and better facial expressions. I think that my modeling also sets me apart from others. I’m not a full fled fashion blogger but also not a full fled model. I have the potential to be both and that’s what I put forth to brands. I can’t be labeled and put in a box for just one use.” 

When asked about what advice she’d give to someone starting out in the business, she replied, “Start early and give it everything you have. The competition is tough and you need experience as soon as you can get it. Especially if you want to get into Instagram influencing. If you want to influence you need to post everyday and be consistent. You need to wake up early, so that the lighting is just right. You need to do multiple outfit shoots so you have new fresh content everyday. I’m not saying I do that now but when I first started I did. I wouldn’t be anywhere if it weren’t for those daily photo shoots with my iPhone at early hours!” 

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