How to Use Live-Streaming to Stay Engaged During Quarantine 

Now more than ever, audiences need content that builds connections. Turn quarantine into an opportunity to connect with a larger, content-hungry audience, and flex your video creativity. Check out these ideas to jumpstart your live streaming content while you stay indoors.

Q&As. This type of content is extremely engaging for BOTH you and your audience. Q&As can be random or topic specific. The spontaneity of real-time answers helps to showcase your authenticity as a content creative while inspiring loyalty from your existing audience.

BONUS: Flip the script, and prepare a list of questions in advance that YOU want to ask your audience. Keep it relevant by asking about the pandemic/quarantine related experiences, tips, concerns, etc. It’s also a good opportunity to ask about which pieces of your content they like best.

One-on-One Conversations. As your following goes up, industry trends show that engagement goes down. While you are in lockdown, work to offset this trend by giving your audience the attention they deserve via a one-on-one IG live. Also, expand your audience viewership and influencer network by having one-on-one conversations with other influencers similar to your niche.

Tutorials. Entertain, teach, or coachyour audiences by streaming real-time tutorials on activities such as DIY crafts, makeup, gardening, cocktails, dance routines, skincare treatments, cooking, and more. Livestreams increase your engagement by requiring audiences to join at a specific time, and to participate in a chat or dialogue. AKA it creates accountability!

Business Tips. Share your favorite creative business tips & tricks to up and coming influencers inspired by your content. Help keep your audiences productive during their time in isolation by encouraging their professional and creative growth!

Play with Pets. Have a fur baby? Take people’s mind off of COVID-19 by overwhelming them with cuteness as you enjoy time with your pet(s).

Relationship Advice. Many relationships are struggling from social distancing, whether they are romantic or platonic. Offer unique advice to your audience on how to show they care for their loved ones or even how to keep the spark alive with a new online date connection. 

Games. Dust off your old video game consoles and stream yourself playing online with your besties (OMG, Twitch?!) You can also stream yourself playing app games such as Heads Up, and Quiplash. Bring out board and classic card games! Get creative on how to stream these, and capture the funny banter between your friends and family.

Movie Reviews. With endless streaming services and movie titles to choose from, outline your top 3 recently released movies, and detail what you like about each. Many upcoming releases are offering at-home streaming releases too, so you could invite followers to join you for a night at the movies as you livestream your commentary on a new release!

Comment on the News. Further boost the loyalty of your following by being a reliable source of information on breaking news about the COVID-19 pandemic. Reference the CDC and WHO to ensure your sources are credible. Present it in creative ways to make the information memorable. For example, you can provide examples of viral fake news vs. real news to clarify any misunderstandings.

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