Tips for Boosting Mental & Physical Health During Quarantine

Looking to stay mentally and emotionally healthy during quarantine? Keep your mind and body in tip-top shape with these tips from fitness influencer, model, and biology/psychology student, @vanessaarieltorres.

Understanding Our Mental & Physical Health

Q: How is social distancing affecting our mental and physical health?

“There are a lot of both good and bad things we can take from this extensive time of social distancing. Mentally, for some, it’s allowing for a “detox” period, of separating ourselves from the hustle & bustle of our everyday lives and forcing us into solitude and to slow down – which isn’t always a bad thing. For others, it might feel like the end of the world to not feel as connected! One thing is for sure, we are definitely not receiving the same stimulation as before social distancing. Dopamine and oxytocin, some of the hormones released by our bodies in positive social situations, are so vital to our health; however, I think this time alone is a great opportunity to find ways to boost your mood the way social interactions would have. Physically, this is obviously necessary! We need to flatten the curve and not let history repeat itself. From what I’ve seen, people seem to be staying pretty active and that’s awesome!”

Establish a Routine

Q: What can we do to maximize our health & wellness during this time?

“Use this time wisely! Nothing will make you feel more satisfied at the end of your day than getting what you want to do, done. Especially if it’s projects you’ve been wanting to do, but haven’t because of this, that and the other. I’d recommend starting your day early and changing out of your pj’s ASAP. Mentally, this will cue you to get your day started. Also, use this time to actually make yourself a well-rounded breakfast, lunch and dinner! Either after or before my breakfast, I fit in at least 1 to 2 exercises. Of course, it makes me feel my absolute best and the ‘after’ is always the best part; I’d recommend this for everyone! It usually ends up being the stepping stone for further productivity throughout my day. Or, on the flip side, if you feel you need down time, have it! Relax, guilt-free, but make sure to maintain your goals. I’d recommend keeping a journal and writing down your goals/to-do’s. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed with how many things you want to accomplish, I would especially recommend this for you. I am the same way and need my journals and planners!”

Rest Up

Q: What are some tips for staying motivated and achieving goals during quarantine?

“Get enough sleep and drink lots of water! Literally! Sleep is when your body “repairs” and “refreshes” ALL your body systems, so imagine cutting that short by not getting enough sleep; you are obviously not going to feel your best. Also, once you’ve gotten enough sleep, and wake up early,  you are sure to feel energized and ready to get stuff done!”

Adapt to Your Environment

Q: What are your top 3 tips for creating content from home?

1. “Identify the times of day that your home gets the best natural light and shoot during those times.

2. Clean and stage your home; this is now your studio!

3. Use or invest in a tripod; it’s so worth it and you won’t need anyone to take the photos for you.”

Develop Conscientious Brand Partnerships

Q: In light of conversations about “tone deaf”, or pandemic-irrelevant, brand partnerships, what can creatives do to stay conscientious while still monetizing their platform?

“I’ve seen some creatives still meeting up to shoot brand campaigns and I just would not recommend that. You are affecting more people than just yourself when you put yourself at risk of exposure to COVID-19. There are facetime shoots you can get creative with or for brand deals, you can shoot those all within/outside your home, or during recreational activities, which some states are allowing. Monetizing your platform should still be relatively easy as most brands are readjusting their campaigns to be home-oriented to make it easier with partnerships, but also to show that they care enough to not be part of the problem.”

Hone Your Craft

Q: What can content creatives takeaway from this unprecedented time?

“We can make the best of all this time on our hands. Perfect your craft and try new things or styles that you might have wanted to explore but didn’t have the time to, before. That thing you’ve promised your audience.. film it or do it now! Use all this time on our hands to stay engaged and truly make a positive impact on those looking to us for their creative fix.”

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