Battling Pandemic Blues with Murs Alison

Social distancing taking a toll on your mental health? Murs Alison (@mursalison), gives some great advice on how to battle the pandemic blues and increase productivity at home. 

Q: Do you have any tips for people experiencing a difficult time with their mental health during the lockdown?

I highly recommend listening to mental health podcasts. Now that Apple Podcasts specifically has a “mental health” podcasts category, I have found so many interesting ones that helped me go through difficult times during the lockdown. It even inspired me to talk about my own mental health journey on my podcast. 


“Apple Podcasts specifically has a 

‘Mental Health’ Podcasts category”


Q: What advice would you give people attempting to stay active during the lockdown?

I don’t love working out at home, so I would say incorporate some sort of physical activity for your errands. I include biking. Whenever I’m heading to do groceries or to my office, I bike. It’s a very safe way to commute especially in NYC, and a great way to stay active. 


Q: How do you keep your content creative while social distancing?

Creating content during this time is challenging, but I have found ways. I use props to make them interesting. For instance, I use small mirrors from IKEA to create the illusion of space. I would also recommend watching some tips by photographers on TikTok. They are incredible


 “I use small mirrors from IKEA

to create the illusion of space”

Q: What advice would you give people with small businesses that are struggling during the pandemic?

As someone who owns merch, I know the struggle. Due to the pandemic, everything has changed, which means the customers’ behavior is completely different. I think a great place to start would be going over Facebook’s Ad Library and analyzing the competitors and seeing what they are doing that possibly you can implement or do better.


. “Going over Facebook’s Ad Library

and analyzing the competitors”


Q: Anything else you would like to add?

I want to say I know it’s difficult times now, but it’s important not to pressure ourselves and use this time to take care of ourselves. Who knows, maybe you will realize something about yourself or your business that you didn’t notice before. 

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