Guide To Build A Successful Photography Business

Has photography always been a passion of yours? Are you hoping to use social media to show off your craft? Can Ahtam, aka @canahtam, outlines exactly how new photographers should build their social media platforms to attract brands and followers!

When Ahtam was asked how to build a business through social media, he began by explaining that everyone should start with “an honest self-assessment. What are your strong suits and what areas would fit you the best? In relation to those questions, think about where you currently are and where you aspire to be, giving you a goal-oriented trajectory.”

You Have To Be Able To Adapt – Especially In This Economy  


COVID-19 has increased competition for jobs in every industry in the world. However, “one of the benefits of being a photographer is being fluid enough to serve whichever market needs your creative services. 

Because of COVID, more businesses are realizing how much their money is actually worth. I try to be flexible on my pricing or the number of photos I can deliver to the clients so they can use the visual content in a more spaced out time.

“I try to be flexible on my

  pricing or the number of photos I

    can deliver to the clients”

The demand for digital communications has increased even more as social distancing came into place, and most businesses can barely function. When the market gets tough, it pushes you to innovate and strategize. Do not put your eggs in one basket and make sure you run a diverse portfolio.”

Can Ahtam’s Biggest Tips for Budding Photographers:


1. If you don’t have a strong portfolio, begin your journey by building one. This means you may have to be flexible with your rates and sometimes have to do Trade-for-Print just to get references and add to your portfolio. I see many beginner-level photographers out there trying to charge industry level prices with barely anything to show.

    “begin your journey by

      building a strong portfolio”

2. Begin with your local community. Research brands and people within the industries you are interested in entering. Network, and pitch your business offering to local boutiques, restaurants, hotels, etc.

           “research brands, and people within 

           the industries you are interested 

           in entering”

3. Be genuine, kind, and professional and do not make demands or assumptions, especially in a time like this. We are currently in an extremely competitive landscape, where businesses are trying to survive a pandemic.

4. Do not expect projects to be handed to you once you go on social media. You have to create meaningful dialogue and not always follow trends.

5. Be unique and set yourself apart, so more people will take an interest in you.

6. Maintain strong, professional, and continuous relations with your connections. Just because you’ve done one project, doesn’t mean they’ll be repeat customers.

“maintain strong, professional

and continuous relations with

your connections”

Closing Statements


In his final words of advice, Ahtam stresses to “never contact a brand with a copy/paste template. Believe me, it is pretty obvious! Most brands won’t work with creators who just want quick cash or a freebie and are not genuinely interested in the brand. Let the brand decide if you are a good fit for their campaigns!”

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