How To: Repurpose Content, Use SEO & Partner With Influencers During Quarantine

This title is a mouthful, but this article’s content is so rich with information that it felt unfair to shorten it. Ashley Uzer (@ashleygiov) goes through it all, from repurposing content without losing your follower’s attention, to how you can reach out to and safely collaborate with other influencers during the pandemic!

 Q: How do you repurpose your content without it becoming boring for your followers?

There are a few ways I repurpose content. The way that’s been most successful for me lately is that I condense my blog posts or articles for other publications into shortened versions for my IG captions (see example here). That way, my post provides value and also draws people in to read the full article and/or gives a summary for people who don’t feel like reading the whole thing. It also helps me kill two birds with one stone by giving me an Instagram caption that I’ve basically already written. 

“I condense my blog posts or articles 

for other publications into shortened 

versions for my IG captions.”

When it comes to repurposing photos, I try to give a lot of space before reposting another photo from a shoot or look I’ve already posted. I know some people like to post three photos from the same look in a row to keep their feed looking matchy-matchy, but I think my followers would get bored!

Q: How do you partner with other bloggers and influencers during quarantine? 

At the beginning of quarantine, I started organizing and hosting my own cash giveaways. I thought this was a great way to team up with fellow bloggers to increase our audiences while also giving away cash at a time that a lot of people could use it.. 

Q: How do you create content that all people (not just your followers) want to read?

My background is in journalism, so I had a lot of training in how to create content for other people, not just myself. I learned quickly that as much as I may have wanted to write an article ranting about bad dates, people were more interested in reading things like, “5 Ways To Escape a Bad Date” or “How To Turn a Bad Date Around.” Basically, people want something that provides them information they can use. It doesn’t always have to be so service-oriented—sharing a cute dress is showing

people a cute brand to check out, sharing your brunch is showing people in your area a new brunch spot to try—but I try to ensure that at least 70% of my content provides something that people can take something away from it (and that usually means giving extra info in the captions). 

“People want something that provides them

Information they can use.”

Something more than, “oh, Ashley looks cute today.” For my blog, I try to create content around things that people would actually be Googling (for example, a brand review) and SEO-optimize it so that my blog draws in people who are looking for information, not people who are just looking to learn about me (because realistically, that would be a lot fewer people). 

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