How To Balance Blogging And A Full-Time Job

So many influencers, bloggers, and social media stars alike are struggling to balance their full-time careers with their online side-hustle. Read Ashley Uzer’s biggest tips on successfully managing both. She talks about how to effectively schedule posts, and how to use what you’ve learned at work to elevate your personal brand. 

Q: How has doing social media for other brands helped you rethink your personal page?

As much as I love Instagram for personal reasons, doing social media for other brands has made me really see my page as a business. I schedule all my posts ahead of time and block out time in my calendar for posting. I make it a point to respond to all comments, and I pay attention to analytics to help me shape future content/hashtag choices/etc. I also network with other creators to discuss strategy, the algorithm, and ways to partner. 

“I schedule all my posts 

ahead of time and block out time

 in my calendar for posting.”

There’s definitely a fine balance because my Instagram is still somewhat personal, but I actually just hired an assistant to help me with admin and other Instagram duties because social media is absolutely a full-time job. 

Q: How do you balance blogging and a full-time job?

Again, scheduling is key. I try to plan out my posts on weekends or evenings and then my prime posting time is conveniently during my lunch breaks on most weekdays. There are definitely times where I get drained, I actually turned off my DMs for a while because it was just giving me anxiety that I couldn’t respond to everyone. This was even worse when I was doing social media at my FT job because that was a lot of social media in one day. Thankfully, my current FT job is more writing and PR-based. 

“…scheduling is key. I try to plan out my posts on weekends

 or evenings and then my prime posting time 

is conveniently during my lunch breaks…”

Q: Anything else you would like to add?

Like I said, I’m always looking to connect with other bloggers, influencers, writers, photographers, etc.—so feel free to shoot me a message or email, and let’s get in touch 🙂 

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