How To Break Into the Fashion/Beauty World 

The fashion/ beauty world sometimes seems daunting and overly saturated. In this week’s Tip Jar we have Ninah Caquias, who talks about how she broke into the fashion/beauty industry, made friends, and scored her first brand deal!

Q: How did you make friends in the industry?

At first networking can be really daunting, especially in the fashion/beauty sector but it gets easier! Making genuine connections with others is crucial, not because you’re trying to get a brand deal; but because you never know what door that may open on either side of the relationship. I didn’t know anyone in the industry beforehand so don’t think you need that. 

Q: How did you turn into someone who is seen as a leader/ industry expert?

Gaining press helps a lot, but most people don’t take the time to pitch themselves in that way or really don’t quite know enough to speak on a topic. Definitely learn as much as you can on your own time, then find people that need to know what you know! Presentation & lifestyle is also really important, If you don’t practice what you preach others will see through that or you’ll run the risk of burning out.


Q: How did you turn your hobby of blogging into a profitable business?

I took what I knew and stuck with that. Many people struggle to find that one thing they’re really good at or have this idea that they want to appeal to everyone. That’s so unrealistic, I’m not for everyone and that’s okay. I honed in on what I already knew and used that to connect with others in the field, brands, as well as other bloggers. I don’t claim to know everything about the industry because it’s ever-evolving, but I always have an eye on what’s next so that I can always be prepared. After maintaining some consistency, I monetized! 

Q: Can you give us a little insight into the fashion/ blogger world?

Although it’s true it can seem very saturated and overly competetive, it’s also quite tight-knit. Everyone kind of knows each other or at least has a mutual friend or two.  I see a lot of new girls just copying what they see other bloggers doing. I will put it plainly and say that will get you nowhere. If you want to stick out, but don’t have anything to differentiate yourself with; go back to the drawing board, it won’t work.

Q: How did you score your first brand deal/sponsorship?

The first campaign I ever did was unpaid because I happened to connect with a new boutique agency out of LA. In doing so, I ended up making the brand more sales than any other micro-influencer participating in the campaign. I genuinely loved the product and the people behind it; both my audience and the brand could tell. I turned that collaboration into a long-term relationship and learned from there.


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